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Oil boiler and oil tank installation, maintenance, service and repair | fully accredited and qualified
Oil Boilers
Oil Boilers

Oil Boilers

Handsgas Ltd are fully accredited and qualified in all aspects of oil boiler and oil tank installation, maintenance, service and repair.

How oil boilers work

An oil boiler works in the same basic way as a gas boiler in that the boiler uses oil to create hot water. This water is then pumped around the house to radiators that create warmth and heat up the house. It also heats the hot water to the taps in the kitchen and bathroom.

The obvious difference between the two systems is that an oil boiler needs oil to function and this must be delivered to the home and stored in a tank until needed. Oil is declining in cost at the moment but the systems do tend to cost more each year to run than a gas boiler – but if there is no gas, then the comparison in price doesn’t really matter.

There are heat only and combination types of oil boilers, though not as many different models as there is for gas due to the reduced demand. There are also different capacities of oil tanks to store different amounts of oil.

Storing the oil

The last consideration is the storage of the oil pending use. Storage tanks are the usual method and these must conform to building regulations if they hold more than 3,501 litres. You should use a ‘competent person’ to install the tank – in other words, a qualified professional. The installation will include measures to protect against leaks and spills including using a secondary containment called a bund that holds 110% of the tank's capacity.

For all of your oil boiler, servicing, commissioning, installation, maintenance and repair needs please contact us.

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