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Gas Fires

Handsgas can supply and fit any style of fire to suit from live fuel effect to solid fuel burning stoves or even Plasma type. Brochures from Flavel to Baxi to Valor and so on can be supplied to assist in making the correct choice of fire. With a Stonemason readily available for minor brick work to major reworking of hearths or walk in fire places, any brick\stone work issues can be overcome to allow for the desired fire to be installed.


Handsgas undertake basic to advanced levels of Technical fault diagnosis on all makes and models of Gas boilers, Fires, Cookers, Hobs, Warm Air Units and central heating systems and if required will work in tandem with manufacturers to overcome any faults which are more testing than others.

Part Installations (boiler only)

Handsgas can tailor to the customers needs and wishes. Handsgas can advise the customer that only a boiler replacement is needed and not radiators etc(do not always need to be replaced along with boiler). Boilers can be replaced on like for like basis i.e combi to condensing combi or older type regular boiler upgrade to condensing combi. With so many different options available nowadays there is never shortage of boiler options for the customer to choose from.

Full installation (full central heating replacement)

Full Installation consists of renewing everything from radiators to radiator valves to controls, pipework and boiler.

All Handsgas boiler/full system replacements have chemical cleansing/inhibiting agents included as standard

Boiler re-positioning

Handsgas can also provide a service which is more often used when extensive building works etc are being carried out which is to totally relocate the gas boiler form its current position to a totally new position altogether , this can range from moving a boiler a few feet to relocating it to an outhouse, cellar or even loft space (where practicable).

Radiators replaced/repositioned

Radiator and boiler replacement do not always need replaced simultaneously. Handsgas can advise the customer where applicable that it may be the case that boiler has been replaced previously and it is now a necessity to replace radiators. This can cure issues such as rusting or iron oxide (heavy sludge problems where cleansing has failed) or even just for an overall aesthetic appearance. Radiators can also be repostioned to suit the remodelling of rooms to allow for more space or to upgrade to a different size/style or shape.

All plumbing work undertaken

All plumbing work from kitchens and bathrooms to full replacements of toilet cisterns and waste stacks can also be undertaken.

Landlords inspections

In keeping with current Law a Landlord must provide a Gas Safety Inspection Certificate each year for premises in which is rented. Handsgas carry out many Landlords Gas Saftey Inspections on a weekly basis. Be it Landlords with one or more properties or Letting agents with 50 plus properties Handsgas can cater for all size of businesses, with discounts available dependant on the amount of Inspections required.

Magnaclean Professional Cleaning Filters supplied and fitted

As part of Handsgas ongoing policy to give the customer best advice Magnaclean Professional Filters are advised on every central heating system regardless of size or style to keep the system free from iron oxide deposits (more commonly known as sludge). The filter used in conjunction with the correct cleansing agents/inhibitors is a must and can be done by Handsgas at the time of any new installation work or as a recommended upgrade at any point in time.

Digital thermostat kit upgrades

Digital RF (Remote Frequency wireless) Thermostat Kits can be used as a like for like basis for an older existing hard wire wall thermostat or as an upgrade to allow for the re-positioning and easy installation of the new Digital Thermostat.

System control pack upgrades

Where there are older system that are still in use with no form of operational control or temperature control or there is simply a primitive control measure then Handsgas can fit a new tailored system control pack which allows for effective on\off and temperature control along with the potential to save on bills.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Another simple but very effective way of reducing gas usage is to fit thermostatic radiator valves to each radiator. This allows individual room control of temperature i.e rooms used infrequently or rooms not requiring optimum heat can use the valve to achieve varying levels which allow the Gas Central Heating boiler to reach its operating temperature quicker and cycle on/off thus saving the customer potential money in gas bills.

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