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Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)

We are one of the few Ayrshire based gas installation and servicing companies that are qualified to install, commission certificate and repair LPG gas appliances. Whether you have a Caravan, Boat or are just not on the natural gas mains network call us today to arrange a free no obligation quote or to discuss your requirements.

LPG boilers require smaller main burner jets than a gas boiler because LPG is supplied at higher pressure that the standard mains supply. The running costs of LPG boilers – which can be up to 90% energy efficient – are not dissimilar to those of oil boilers and, like oil boilers, LPG boilers require a storage tank and a fuel feed. LPG boilers can be supplied by a central or individual bulk storage tank – typically with a capacity of between 1,000 and 2,000 litres and refilled periodically by tanker – or from smaller cylinders or bottles which can be taken away and replaced when empty.




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